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In our interior design industry, it is more than just choosing colours for a wall, selecting the right furniture, fabrics or decorative items! With our 5 senses, everything we see, touch, feel, smell and hear has the potential to spark our interest and motivate us to create something amazing. There is much to learn when it comes to the art of Interior Design, as we take inspiration from everything and everywhere!


As such, are you a highly creative individual that pays attention to details, is very adaptable and practical at the same time?

In Spazios, our team never stops learning from different work processes or details. We take on every challenge and stay committed to providing the best of the best work and designs for our clients.  We practice honesty and transparency in all our work processes from start to finish.

Productivity is a must and yes, at times we will need to rush and finish our work till late or may need to work during the weekends, as we work based on the timeline given and ensure work is delivered on time. Do you think this is stressful in view of today’s challenging market?  If no, please read on. 

Are you an experienced Interior Designer with at least 1 - 2 years of experience in the related field?  If not, don’t worry! If you have less than 1 year experience but have the ambition to prove yourself and go further, our director / manager is able to guide you through based on their many years of experience. But of course, you need to first be very true to yourself i.e. are you passionate enough to be an Interior Designer?  


If you are someone who only follows instructions, is not flexible in accepting change and making changes, nor have the initiative to provide valuable ideas or options, this opportunity will not be suitable for you. The below mentioned characteristics open the doors to becoming a great Interior Designer and we are looking for these visual thinkers’ as candidates:


Possess high and unlimited creativity, is meticulous, practical and passionate about bringing fresh ideas to life.

Courageous to propose his/her own ideas, is adaptable and open-minded to various ideas/needs and styles of design for our residential clients. 

Able to effectively communicate one’s vision to clients and practices excellent listening skills.

Has the initiative & flexibility to learn and explore, as well as able to identify and foresee trends.

Has the ability to communicate with people from various walks of life, from customers to craftsmen.

Possess attributes, such as being organized to plan ahead, complete projects on time and on budget.

Remains focused at all times in job commitments and responsibilities, as well as being able to work as a team.

Possess a good attitude, is a good listener and is willing to learn.


If you’ve checked off all the criteria mentioned so far, kudos to you! It means you are ready for this upcoming challenge and would love to grow in this interior design field, so please read on! Spazios will provide you this opportunity to express your talents and fantastic ideas, that will help you kick-start this exciting career in Interior Design. Now, if you feel that the below job description is too stressful to handle, please do not apply. 


  • Able to execute space planning. It requires that you pay attention to minor details that would bring about the "wow" factor in cohesive spaces. 

  • Experienced in Interior design type of software to create visual representations of your work. This also includes office software such as Microsoft Word, Powerpoint etc.

  • Possess knowledge on sustainable practices, such as sound knowledge of desirable design features, materials, and technologies, construction details, used in our industry.

  • Have an ID view for design of space, lighting, furnishings, colour matching, etc.

  • Possess more than 1-2 years of related experience and is able to independently design private living spaces required by clients.

  • Possess minimum Diploma in Interior Design or in relevant fields.

  • Able to create preliminary sketches will be an asset.

  • Able to interact effectively with contractors and other professionals who will be responsible for carrying out your designs. Training will be provided.

  • Able to resolve issues at the construction site and provide workers' onsite technical guidance. Training will be provided.


Spazios is an expanding ID company specializing in residential interior design, which includes kitchen cabinetry, wardrobe etc. Join us in our new office at One City if you are looking for a fun and chill working environment, fast track learning experience and an opportunity for career growth.

Spazios work culture & environment:

• Comfortable like a home

• Action speaks louder than words

• Work Smart with the best options

• We are a Team. We learn, share and support one another

Successful candidates will be entitled to receive:

• Job training

• Annual Bonus

• Medical benefits

• Performance-based Incentive



Interested candidates, please write ‘I have read the job description’ in the subject line of the email when you apply with the following required information:

  • Your resume & portfolio

  • A link to your Pinterest, or similar

  • Link to 3 related articles of value to you (If you can demonstrate why they're good i.e. Space planning, Design concept, furniture, etc., even better)

  • Expected Salary

Please email the above, to us at

**Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.

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