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Home Interior Design - Are All Installers The Same?

If you are like most home owners, you probably get to do your home interior design only every 5 or 10 years. This means that you'll forget any renovation experience you had gain the next time you need it.

Last week, I got a call from a customer who only purchased wardrobes and kitchen cabinets from me. Although she did not take the whole home interior design package, we were working closely with her to give advice on her house renovation. Her kitchen was completed, pending electrical appliances installation. I have quoted her the installation prices for the hood (require specific technical skills) and nominal fees to install other small things such as the hob and oven.

The conversation goes like this:

Me: Hi Mrs. T, if you're alright with the prices, I can get our hood installer to come tomorrow

Customer: Oh. Actually, I have gotten my contractor to install for me for free since his workers are already there.

Me: I see. So I supposed the oven and hob is installed as well? It's all settled then?

Customer: Yes. we can see holes on the wall tile. Could you ask your guy to touch up for me when he is here?

Me: Ok..But isn't it covered by the stainless steel panel?

Customer: Yes, but we can still see it. There is a small crack next to that hole that's impossible to cover

Me: Did B (the contractor) did it for you himself?

Customer: No, it was his worker who also did our brick wall

What just happened? The client who was initially happy to get free service from his contractor now have a problem she cannot make right. She later sent me this picture, which I have circled and labelled:

Installation may seem like a trivial matter. Anyone with a drill can do it? I would say, anyone with a drill can do it, but few can do it well.

My customer is considered lucky that his brick layer did not damage the BRANDED appliances. He also managed to connect the oven and hob without much problem. That is actually quite commendable. But on the other hand, if he did damage the appliances, how can he afford to compensate the customer? By letting an under-qualified person install his appliances, my customer is unknowingly placing herself on the losing end.

Hence, in the home interior design industry, we have specialist in every aspects to do their respective jobs. It takes coordination and higher costs to have several people working together, if things were to be done properly. The aircond guy cannot install the food waste disposal and the electrician guy cannot install the cctv system even though it may seem related.

What my customer experienced was a "rough work vs fine work situation". A brick layer can drill in some screws but his work is bound to be rough and untidy compared to a professional. If she know this from the start, do you think she would want to save RM350 after spending 40K on her new kitchen?

Here's to avoiding bad experience in your home interior design quest!


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