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Here's What Most Home Interior Designers Won't Tell You

For the 100th time in this week, our interior designers have yet another request for luxury concept and 5 star hotel look concept. If you haven't seen it everywhere already, gold and metal accents is huge trend in home interior design now. So is marble and other stone finishes. Which is all great and dandy...until it get too overwhelming.

To give you some ideas, we have regular requests for chrome grille, chrome gates, rice plant partitions (for fengshui purposes, in case you're wondering) and marble wallpaper. All these for only one purpose - a luxury space to impress visiting family, friends and business associates.

Home Interior Design Malaysia

Making An Interior Design Blunder Despite Having The Best Intentions

But here's the thing, having the budget to spend is one thing, achieving a tastefully luxurious interior design is another story altogether. Your visitors are not interested to see a blatant show of wealth or hear about how much money you put into renovation. They are there to get inspired, to see what masterpiece you have commissioned with the big interior design budget that you have, so they can one day do the same for their own house.

So owners, we really want you to know that less is more when it comes to luxury materials. Go for metal accents and fine small decor pieces rather than the entire grille. Have that imported Italian marble feature wall rather than the entire room filled with local marble. Use specialize craft-men to install your fittings, not just any renovation guy that does A-Z works.

Use conversation pieces and heirloom furniture in strategic places and watch your guests' amazement soar. And no wallpaper substitute for high end finishes such as marble, unless you want your space to appear tacky.

How to Flaunt Your Home Interior Design To Your Visitors Without Being "A Show Off"

Your luxury space should not scream "gaudy!". It should constantly whisper "high class". And you don't want to be caught in surprise with a home that says "luxury on a budget", "rough rich" or "wannabe". We are experts in showing off, and we want to help you show off -Tastefully.

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