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How to apply & choose materials for your plain wall

Are your walls looking just a little too plain and blank

Bored of looking at these walls every day

Fear not, this is where we, Interior Designers are here for. We provide ideas or ways to brighten, highlight and even make walls and rooms look bigger.

Creativity will be part of this!

So, why not let’s try to be more creative by making the wall more attractive?

We know it can fall flat and be downright depressing if you don’t get the right materials!

You’ll be wondering the HOWs and WHATs can help make it eye – catching.


Here are some wall inspiration which you can consider:

(a) Wall Decor

1. Texturing & Paneling Texturing is fast fading out of style but it's still a quick and cheap way to finish a wall. To avoid out of style, there is a little trick here which is to send a little current of excitement through it.

For example, Classic stone wall: It can provide an interesting contrast to the modern furnishings.

Texture painting: It can create a realistic effect or look and be like a state of art in a canvas!

Besides texturing, you also have the option of installing paneling. Depending on your homes aesthetics you can choose vinyl or wood paneling.

For example,

Using both vertically and horizontally aligned wood panels can create a subtle focal point or vertical alignment and color variation to create a rustic pinstripe effect.

Wainscoting paneling to create British English Classic Style.

2. Stylish shelving

Having beautiful shelving can make a huge impact to the interior of your home if positioned mindfully. It is a super useful area of wall decor. However, there are rules here: When styling, the shelves should be 70% full and 30% empty and it shouldn’t be too heavy for the space.

For example,

DIY shelves are made with a mixed of materials which may include metal, wood, marble and glass.

3. Tiling Ah…. How about opting for tiles? Perhaps you can get some incredibly beautiful designs that will look like the real thing, without all the work! Besides that, it can also achieve a stylish effect which you love.

For example,

Textural wall tiles that embrace the irregular shapes, having variety arrangement of colour tiles or bright white marble tiles.

Mosaic of highly textural tiles in different kind of shades set at varying depths for an even more dynamic effect.

(b) Remodeling a wall – This can be another option but it can be costly!!

Wall removal seems like it is an easy job but is actually ultimately the longest and messier affair typically when it is involving framing, electrical work and drywall.

Gosh… How can it get so COMPLICATED!

Some will say just take a sledge hammer and swing away. Easier said than done. To be honest, it can actually get a little more complex in the process than what you have heard.

There are few options which you can pick:

1. A window opening

2. A space opening like a door / passing through

3. An arch in a wall – For more aesthetic feeling

4. A partition wall

All in all, BEWARE!!

DON’T: Forget about the cost!

Having to know the needs, it comes with some construction cost considerations:

1. Size

Let’s sit down and ponder on the size of the wall space first. With bigger spaces mean having more materials and longer working hour for professionals. This in turn will add more to the cost.

2. Electrical & Plumbing

Another point to take note of are hiring peoples in their expertise field. For instance, outlet, switch spacing, placement and piping. All this are governed by the local building code. Ah…. The depressing part of it!


|Building Code| They are the rules and regulations that govern everything from lumber spans to the clearance of a toilet and making the house safe and healthy.


Hence, check with the local home/ building inspector on how to go about it. Most walls will need some minor electrical work and if it is the kitchen and bathroom, there are piping which you need to include.

3. Approval by Architecture & Local State Council

Permits are required for almost all stages of construction. Thus, be sure to check with them to get the clearance first. The trap? If you don't comply with the local building codes, you may be on the hook for fines and an expensive tear-out and redo of your project. We are sure you don’t want to face all of this……

4. Cleanup – Here comes the messy part! It’s smart to double check with the professional on whether they have include the cleanup with the installation as it almost always included. We know that wall remodeling / makeover is a really messy job and something that their company should handle the cleaning up of their debris before the final handover. So, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Above all, let these be an inspo / guidance to you to extend the home styling to your vertical spaces. We know at one point, we all have them somewhere and even the smallest plain wall space can feel vast, bare and out of place in a stylish home.

In summation,

For professional result

Hire a Design & Built company with professional team that can ensure correct colour scheme and beautiful finishes for your selection key area.

On the other hand, they’ll be able to help you understand all the requirements before starting any building project. With that in mind, you can weigh the option of whether hiring a professional against DIY ambitions.



It's almost always a good idea to hire professional for building walls of any type. Even though it may seem like a straightforward job, bear in mind that you need to consider all code requirements, permitting, electrical and plumbing installation, load bearing needs, and finish work. Without that consideration, it will not be an added value to your home.


Improperly installed walls are possibly structural issues which may cause massive and costly damage to your entire home. Fire and flood hazards from improperly installed plumbing and electrical work can pose serious safety concerns and lead to thousands in damage.

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