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If you only had ONE WORD to do it, how would you describe your dream kitchen?

  • Functionality / Efficient

  • Comfortable / Clean

  • Closer / Homey

  • Airy / Bright

That’s what everybody is looking for!

A kitchen is a home space or part of the area used for cooking, food preparation, dining, entertaining as well as laundry. It is our top one in home spaces that most clients require renovation. Reason being is due to a higher degree of wear and tear as the kitchen is used for intensive / frequent cooking and for most of us who enjoy eating at home. Thus, every few years you will more likely to renovate the kitchen due to normal wear and tear and you have new ideas on how to improve the functionality.

When it comes to KITCHEN PLANNING, there really is more to it than meets the eye.

HERE’s where you need to use your Smart Thinking…

1. Getting the kitchen’s interior design just right is as vital as a good layout or it can lead to a dysfunctional and odd-looking kitchen.

(a) It is essential to get the flow of the space, position of appliances and work surfaces just right to make sure that your space is functional in a way that suits you and your family's lifestyle needs.

(b) Make sure to spend time on your own planning for the room space. If you are thinking of adding a room to increase the size of your kitchen, best to think twice. It may be costly and complicated - what with permits, foundation work, framing and etc.

(c) Proper placement for lighting. Without proper lighting, the kitchen couldn’t be functional or live up to its full potential. So, make sure that you have multiple light sources to ensure appropriate light throughout the space. For instance, you don’t want to prep dinner every night under inadequate lighting. It can be both drab and dysfunctional.

2. Do some research

(a) Make a comparison price list when it comes to kitchen cabinetry, appliances, faucet, cabinet hardware and etc. For instance, visit a few shops and get plenty of estimates on the appliances. You can often receive a discount if you purchase all of the appliances from one shop.

(b) Seen a kitchen design you like in a magazine? Want an Aesthetic kitchen? Consideration on the style and theme is an absolute must. Most often you will select specific elements of different styles to incorporate into your custom kitchens, creating an entirely new design of your own making. Our advice to you would be DO NOT contradict the style of your home when choosing a kitchen style.

3. Make sure your chosen professional ID has good know-how in Kitchen planning in his / her list of strengths.

Finding a good Kitchen Specialist is tough as not all Interior Designers are able to plan well for the kitchen space, storage and etc…. They can design but at the end of the day the kitchen may not be practical for usage.

So how would a professional ID approach the look of a new kitchen?

We’re here to assist you to avoid from falling into the trap of some common mistakes that will affect the durability and performance of the kitchen space. Also, filling you in with expert interior design tips for all types of kitchens. We’ve got all the know-how you need to help transform your ideal kitchen into your dream space.

Read the following to discover the common mistakes when planning & designing the kitchen:

1. Ignoring storage needs and workflow

It is not enough for an effective kitchen renovation plan if you just like the kitchen design. The two most important aspects any good kitchen specialist will know how to focus are Storage and Workflow.

For example: Designing a kitchen for intensive / frequent cooking

(a) Consider how and where you use the different items in your kitchen and place everything conveniently. This is so it would not lead to having a cluttered counter top. Besides that, it’s not simply a question of having enough storage space as you will also need to ensure you choose the right kitchen storage for your needs. For instance, you’ll need enough space / storage to deposit your food items, appliances and etc. So, be sure to pay special attention to getting these smaller details right because a good storage for a kitchen can determine the functionality of the kitchen.

(b) Preventing unnecessary effort while working like placing the stove at one place and the sink at the opposite corner. It’s a good idea to place both the hob and sink at the same area. This is to avoid walking too much around the kitchen from one appliance to another. Imagine you have pans of boiling water and you have to walk across to the opposite corner to reach the sink. This is not a good functional kitchen!

(c) Getting the direction of traffic right

Getting the passage between the various spaces right is vital as you want to ensure that the cooking zone is not the room’s main thoroughfare.


From a cook’s point of view: Don’t want to constantly moving out of the way for people passing through.

From a safety’s point of view: Don’t want children catching pan handles as they pass. This is not something you like for your ideal kitchen. Also, if your kids constantly access fridge / cupboards for tit bits / snacks, then placement of the fridge / cupboard must take into consideration carefully.

2. Opting for wrong surface material used on kitchen worktop

Nowadays, there a wide range of kitchen manufacturers available today. It may seem like an innocuous decision but it’ll be a pain in choosing one suiting your needs the best. So, be sure to go through materials that are specially designed and built for kitchen use as it can make / break a kitchen renovation. This would be the 2nd most importance after getting the cabinetry style, colour and finish right. If not, you may have the unpleasant surprise of scratching your loving worktop from the first day, burning them with a hot pan or having to redo it due to improper maintenance in the coming years. We’re sure you don’t want that to happen….

For instance, you can opt for engineered stone aka Quartz as they require very little maintenance, resistant to acid, heat and scratching and a lot more durable though it is on the more expensive side. If you opt for marble and other stone surfaces, this will require constant maintenance and it is vulnerable to chipping.

3. Not including enough bench space

In this day and age, kitchens are used both for cooking and eating as it helps you save time and effort instead of having lunch at the dining room. However, there is something you need to consider which is making sure you have plenty of chairs / benches to sit on – nobody likes to eat on their feet. Moreover, the choices you’ve picked… will it be comfortable enough to encourage people to linger around? You'd be amazed how much these small details will increase the amount of time you and your family spends together – and they're also one of a handy addition when friends / relatives come over too.

4. Ignoring the style of the rest of the home

This may not be obvious but it matters if you care about aesthetics and you want to leave a good impression on guests.

(a) Giving your kitchen personality? You’ll need to make the right choice in terms of wall paint colours / wall cladding designs, kitchen window dressings and kitchen flooring. It’ll be like putting your own stamp on a kitchen to be the heart of the home instead of a showroom piece.

(b) Base the choice of your kitchen cabinet colour and finish on how it will make the room feel just as you would in your living hall. This can be done by looking at the amount of natural daylight the room receives and where in the room the kitchen sits. Besides that, you can also introduce texture elsewhere in the scheme – in the flooring, worktops or as other elements into an otherwise featureless room to help create a more family-friendly and contemporary environment.

To sum up, the colours of your kitchen cabinets should ideally reflect the colours used elsewhere in your home. This goes for every area – if it echoes the themes and styles of your home. Hence, your home will feel more cohesive and will flow better overall. So it's always worth doing your research on both cabinet colours and finishes – ask your kitchen designer the right questions, and see if you can take cabinet door samples home to see how they will look in your kitchen room's light, rather than under showroom lighting.

(c) Getting the kitchen cabinet design right. From a purely aesthetic view, you’d like this kitchen cabinet style but you have to take into consideration whether can this style including the small elements like handles and knobs complement other fittings in your home. You don’t want to get a mix match which may give it an odd looking / out of place at home.

5. Choosing low - quality cabinetry

The large number of products on sale available in stores really makes it very tempting to save money by cutting costs on customizable cabinetry. We don’t recommend ready-made product unless you want the kitchen to look outdated and worn-out in a couple of years. You may not notice this in the initial stage when planning, but ready-made furniture is less ergonomic and not designed with easiness of use and comfort in mind. For instance, don’t be surprise if you get hit into a drawer handle all the time or getting hit at the corner of the worktop each time. Therefore, be sure to invest in good quality and durable cabinetry that lasts over the long term and that way you will eventually save more money.

In Spazios Concept, we are available to help at any time as we're experienced kitchen specialist.

- We help to personalize and create one of a kind kitchen

- We can transform into visual with your ideas sharing and design details

- We assist to avoid all these hassle, costly and bothersome mistakes and many others you may have no idea about.


Kitchen is the utmost essential area in the house as it is not only for personal but for family to enjoy for years to come….


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