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MISCONCEPTION on Interior Designer

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Working with an Interior Designer before construction/renovation means you'll get professional advice/expertise from someone who shares your goal/ vision and help you uncover your style.

However, many homeowners don’t get this kind of help as misconception on interior design can get in the way. There is many misconceptions among the general population as to what an interior designer actually does, or why we should hire them.

Here, we will share some of the common misconceptions about interior design and it can help uncover the truth behind the scenes.

Interior designers are just decorators

Far from it, we are more than just decorators!


1. Spatial visionaries

We help clients envision what their space can be

2. Site Liaisons

We monitor and ensure site works are executed as planned.

3. Spatial Advisors

On functionality, safety, health, materials, furniture, fittings, fixtures, finishes etc.

4. Perceived Value Enhancers

We give properties an image lift for better resale value.

I can save money and do it myself

True, but with a designer's assistance….:

1. Process is simpler & quicker

Eliminate the need for trial error methods and help you plan the execution process. No time wasted.

2. Network & resources are wider

We have the right contacts & resources to get things done properly, efficiently, within reasonable time and cost. Our network with suppliers/craftsmen/retailers will ensure you get the best deals and options.

3. Comes forth new ideas & perspectives

We help you see new possibilities of what your space can be. Designers have an eye for scale, proportion, color, furniture placement etc.

Designers will impose what they want, not what I want

A GOOD & TRUE designer….:

Listen and understand your needs and help you discover your own preferred style.

Your needs will then be translated into design, bringing YOUR style to life and improving the way you, your family and everyone else use the new space, in the best way possible.

I can hire them later, after construction/renovation

Having designer on board early:

Saves time, resources and makes it a better experience.

For example, designers help you establish the numbers & location of plug points, light fittings, sanitary fittings, which needs to be established early in the construction process. After thoughts will require hacking and will be a costly affair.

This also allows enough time for sourcing, placing orders and manufacturing of selected items, such as cabinetry works and tiles, so that the project gets completed on time.

I have to get rid of all the old and replace with the new

Your precious items are our inspiration:

Good designers will ensure your sentimental or favorite items, such as antique pieces and valuable paintings are integrated into the design.

It’s not about removing what’s old, but giving what’s old, a new life in the new space.

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