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Tips And Tricks For How to Refurbish Your Historic / Old house

Imagination is the key here. You be amazed with it. Read on…

The house you have been staying for more than 20 years. One day, you decided to refurbish this old precious home and yet preserve the irregularities into a modern-style home.

However, you realize that if you hired the wrong person to assist you with this restoration who is not experienced, it will becomes a NIGHTMARE! Here are a few TIPS and TRICKS before getting started with the FULL TRANSFORMATION / REVOLUTION of Old Home into Modern-Style Home.

1. Heard of “Gut Renovation”?

This is the first Operative Word a MUST HAVE in mind. You have to brace yourself and never regret the decision as it takes real guts to strip a house and then to rebuild it back up again. One thing you need to know is making this as a creative opportunity as there’s where the beauty, charm and quirkiness of a renovation is.

2. Assemble a team to assist you

Not any simple person can do this job. For instance, a renovation guy that does A – Z works or a contractor can help us estimate the amount of work that needed to be done and its cost. However, it could be helpful to research people with experience in preservation of old home. Hence, you may want to consider getting talented, creative, meticulous Interior Designer as they are the one who can provide the most assistance and tell you about the restoration process that needed to be done. The utmost important thing above all is that anybody you hired must understand your ULTIMATE GOALS of restoring the property. Nowadays, a lot of people don’t understand the differences between preservation and ripping something out and starting over. This is not what you are aiming for.

3. Old Home comes with lots of enemy

Reason being is that the building structure is different to the 21st century structure. There actually 3 RIVALS which everyone needs to take note of:

I. Water & Sewage Piping

Water damage is serious, important and it needs to be addressed quickly. In such case, it will come with a long-term effects like dry rot. And, We are sure nobody wants that. It can be spotted easily, especially around the ceilings, floors and windows – So, keep an eye out. Also, bugs / insects love wet environments. Hence, the very first thing is to get specialize people to check on the piping. II. Electricity wiring

With old houses, it comes with old wiring which can leak current if not careful. So, be sure to get electrician to come check it out before renovation as they are in their expert field. III. Termites – Oh the horror of it!

No one would loves such insect. Though you have been living in the house for years, it is time to get it check out as you can never be sure of it. 4. Slow is fast

You have many areas in the house which you want to start refurbishing such as kitchen, bedroom, wall and many more. However, the first stages in renovation should be practical rather than aesthetic. It’s like managing a fund, you need to first allocate and fix things that are going to stop any future damage from happenings. Start with the roof and windows and also get the house watertight. At times, location of the house directly relates to the strength and quality of the building materials.

5. Over-invest | Under-invest - Be smart about your investment!

Budget here is essential as you don’t want to over / under invest in a house that won’t yield and equal return. Even if you don’t ever plan to sell, it’s smart to consider resale value when budgeting. Generally, it costs the same amount of money to renovate a house in several different locations, regardless of what the local real estate market can support.

To that end —do research on what fully renovated houses sell for in the area and let them be the one to advice on how you structure your budget.

At the END of the day…

Get in touch with the right person in their expertise field and you scored.

There where……We, Interior Designer at Spazios Concept comes into play.

Do contact us anytime via our Whatsapp link

- We can help you with the preservation / restoration of Old Homes

- We transform it into visual when you shared with us your ideas

- We can personalize in creating one of a kind dream home

Do contact us anytime via our Whatsapp link

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