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"1 Year Warranty"

Covers manufacturing defects for parts or mechanism of kitchens cabinet, TV cabinet, wardrobes, worktop (the “Product”) :


Owner(s) must: provide

a) original receipt plus b) Invoice from Spazios D&B or proof of purchase showing: The product and installation were paid in full. 

Spazios D&B shall at its discretion, either repair the defective Product or replace it with the same or a comparable product in the event that the product is discontinued.   Any defected parts removed in the course of repair or dismantlement works will become the property of Spazios D&B. 

Spazios D&B shall have the right to impose additional labor costs.


Cabinetry Warranty Exclusions

  • The effects of normal wear and tear of the Product. 

  • Exposure to harsh or corrosive chemicals and cleaners. 

  • Cosmetic damage, including scratches, chips and cracks caused by impact excessive force, applied load, unless such damage results from defects in materials or workmanship and is reported to Spazios D&B within 20 days from the date of installation. 

  • The damages caused by water leakages from water outlets or water spillage due to user’s negligence;

  • Natural variations in the colour, materials or textures, changes arising from natural aging process of the material and grain of the wood, deterioration or tarnishing to surface finishes. 

  • The Product has undergone repairs, modifications, alterations or dismantlement by any non -authorized party.


Table Top Warranty Exclusions

  • Chips and cracks caused by impact excessive force, applied load,exposure to harsh or corrosive chemicals and cleaners.

  • While the Product is scratch resistant, it is not scratch proof therefore cutting boards are highly recommended. 

  • Minor staining or water spot. While the Product is stain resistant, it is not stain proof. Please take care to clean up any spills on your surface as quickly as possible.

  • The appearance or performance of seams, edges, joints, adhesives, caulk and /or other accessory items.

  • Normal wear, including but not limited to scratches, chips, abrasions, and dullness to the finish.

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