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Interior designers are plastic surgeons for your space!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Don't believe us? Read on...

Client: I want to have Angelina Jolie's lips

Beautician: Ok, no problem. It's very popular.

Client: I want to have Angelina Jolie's lips

Plastic surgeon: That's too common already. Looking at your face features, you already have Scarlet Johansson's nose. If you match it with Rosie Huntington Whiteley's lips, the result will be more natural and sexy. Let me show you the 3D so you can see and decide.

Now you see why we like to use plastic surgeon to explain what we do as interior designers. Especially when we get compared to contractors. Let me ask you a question in return. If you want to look like Rosie Huntington Whiteley, do you look for a beautician or a plastic surgeon?

A good interior designer will:

- Understand your unique need and challenge

- Give expert solutions and advice tailored to your need

- Simplify those solutions in easy to understand visuals so you can decide

- Show you detailed drawing, electrical drawing and other detailed drawing to discuss and agree on before work commence

- Explain to you step by step and what each step entails so you can be assured

Imagine, without the above, what will happen?

- You get the same thing as everyone else

- You get a generally accepted solution, not tailored to your need

- You don't get to see any visuals, you only have your imagination

- Most of the time, works are carried out through verbal instruction, with no drawing or drawing with incomplete details.

- Turns out what you get is not what you imagined

- You ask why you are not getting what you have imagined

- You now realize that there is a miscommunication, because your reno guy do not know that you don't understand what he is describing to you

- You ask him to change, he say ok but he need to charge

- They now need to hack the wall and redo some details

- It is now changed, but you can still see the old screw holes because there is no way to hide it

This is not based on any particular real story it's a very common scenario. If you are someone with expectation, insist on hiring an interior designer and not a substitute.


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